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Making Time for Joy: Finding my Laugh Again on a Pedego Ride

Ice cream cones with sprinkles. Bike rides. Double rainbows. Swimming pools. Universal moments of joy.

Designer and author Ingrid Fetell Lee spoke in an enlightening TED Talk about where joy hides and how to find it. She highlights that unlike happiness or positivity, joy is specific. “It’s an intense momentary experience of positive emotion. One that makes us smile and laugh and want to jump up and down. And this is actually a technical thing – that feeling of wanting to jump up and down is one of the ways scientists measure joy.”

I realized I had been overlooking joy. Actually, this news slammed me in the head one evening at our family meeting when my seven-year-old let me know I wasn’t having enough fun. In between the meetings, the Ironman training, the PowerPoint slides, the carpooling, the rush of life… I abandoned my laughter.

And so, when Teri Sawyer invited me to come along for a Pedego® ride, a company that’s motto is “hello, fun,” I thought – well, why not?

Actually, my first thought about an electric bike was, “Oh geesh, that’s cheating. I’m a triathlete… this isn’t for me.” I’ve been dedicating so much time to earning my wattage on the bike, and now anyone can keep up thanks to a throttle and pedal assist? Not fair! But my second thought countered: “Don’t knock it till you try it.”

On a Friday afternoon I joined Teri and our friend Jolynn Atkins at the Pedego shop at Corona del Mar. We were greeted by Hal and his wonderful team and suited up with our bikes and helmets. Right away I noticed the little touches that made all the difference. The bikes already had water bottles in the front pouches ready for us. Sunscreen was on hand knowing we’d be out in the bright California sunshine for a few hours.

We scooted the bikes behind the shop and had a quick safety demo. We rode around a small park to get comfortable. Our group of three was peanuts compared to the groups that take tours here – from corporate groups looking for a fun team-building activity to visitors at nearby hotels at conferences or on family vacation. The team at Pedego Corona del Mar easily manages large groups up to 40, interspersing the tour guides at a one to eight ratio.

Not being from Orange County, I was in for a treat as we explored the neighborhood with its beautiful homes and ocean vistas, Balboa Island, and the Back Bay. Hal shared so many fun facts about the area; it was clear to me that he was passionate about the community and loved being able to share it with others. And what better way to not only see it, but actually smell the fresh jasmine and feel the ocean breeze than on a bicycle?

My purple Pedego Comfort Cruiser was sturdy and smooth. From the comfortable seat to the sweet sound of the bell on the handlebars, I instantly relaxed. Once we got to our first straightaway, Teri encouraged me: “try the throttle.” Wow. This was FUN! And not too much later, I added the pedal assist in its lowest setting. I appreciated that I could determine how much assist I wanted at any time.

Two things I really loved about the bike. First: I pictured my mom who, in her 70s, loves to take her beach cruiser out for a spin. The Pedego would be a game changer for her experience. Instead of just roaming the couple miles by her home, she’d be able to ride down to the ocean. She could also keep up with just about anyone. This is the great equalizer! Second: I pictured how an athlete might use this for training. The Pedego Electric Bikes allow for a consistent heart rate – and you control the amount of assist you need. I can’t wait to try a Pedego Off Road bike on the trails!

I mentioned the little things making a difference in my experience. Within my customer journey, my highlights included: Getting to ride the ferry to and from Balboa Island. Walking out to the end of the Balboa Island Pier. Seeing the pride that Hal had in showing off his community. Laughing as I flew up a hill with minimal effort. Having my first Balboa Bar at Sugar ‘N’ Spice with vanilla ice cream dipped with dark chocolate and coated in Reese’s Peanut Butter cup crumbles. Friendships. Yes, this was JOY!

Thank you, Pedego Electric Bikes, for helping me find my laugh again.

I encourage you to experience the hello, fun of a Pedego Electric Bike! From Corona del Mar, California to Bar Harbor, Maine, I’m sure you’ll find a location that works for you.

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