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My Grandfather’s briefcase was passed down to me when I graduated from college. I remember the laughs from my fellow Accenture consultants on my first day at the office with their fresh black laptop bags slung securely over their shoulders. The leather was smooth and supple, with tattered edges and a slight creaking. The truth was, I was proud to be carrying it and it made me think of the decades of dedication, perseverance, and sweat equity that brought me to this place.

You see, my Grandfather was a small business owner in an old mill town in New England. He didn’t have a website, or Facebook page, or anyone for that matter thinking about marketing. His customers came to him because they knew they could trust Leo. He knew all his customers by name too – and those relationships lasted lifetimes.

LoyaltyCraft is founded on these same principles. In a time in which customer experience is the next corporate battleground (Jerry Gregoire) every business must take a good look in the mirror. Are we serving our customers? Are we building relationships that will last a lifetime? If not, why? And how do we fix it?

LoyaltyCraft’s consulting services focus on taking a holistic look at the customer journey. We look across the organization to examine what is often only addressed in departmental silos. Some of the questions we examine include:

• How is the brand recognized and perceived in the marketplace?

• How are you tracking your customer engagement? What customer metrics are you using to make decisions?

• What are your customer touchpoints and how do you close the loop with your customers?


• What is the company culture and level of employee engagement?

At LoyaltyCraft, we are passionate about helping you identify the current challenges in your organization and working with you to drive key improvements, resulting in great customer experiences that will increase profitability. Let LoyaltyCraft help you turn your customers into life-long customers.


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At LoyaltyCraft, we value curiosity.

We believe in asking bold questions.

We listen to what's said, and what's not said.

We strive for excellence, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We do work that matters

We believe in adventure, in exploring beyond our comfort zones to carve new paths

We bring our whole selves, our softly strong presence, and our gratitude for what is and what is to be.

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Meet Lauren

Helping companies create meaningful experiences

Lauren Feehrer, Customer Experience Strategist, ensures that the customer is at the heart of every experience. During her 15-year tenure at Accenture and Alliance Global Services, she led technology platform design and implementations for the Fortune 500. In 2015, Lauren joined a pet services start-up where she was responsible for the Customer Experience and Product Strategy.


In 2016, Lauren founded LoyaltyCraft, focusing on collaboratively developing consistent brand identity, building customer understanding, deriving authentic engagement and listening to the voice of the customer. From forklifts to pharmaceuticals to fashion, her wide range of experiences have given her the calm confidence to be courageous. Lauren brings empathy, tenacity, and a keen ear into every engagement.

Lauren is a CCXP, an active CXPA member, and frequent speaker on customer experience. Her philanthropic work includes serving as a classroom mentor in the Junior Achievement Company Program, guest lecturing at Cal State – Fullerton’s marketing classes, and serving on the Advisory Board of the University of Rhode Island's Launch Lab.

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